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CODE members:

As you know, CODE has been negotiating for a fair wage proposal since April.  Yesterday, the Mayor's office took a bold move to try to break the deadlock in several outstanding labor negotiations, including CODE's, by putting forth a proposal that would grant all represented units a raise of 5% (effective 
12/16), 5% in 2017 and 4% in 2018.

There are a few caveats that others may not have mentioned.  First, in accepting these increases, CODE and AFSCME would be settling their pending "me too" arbitration for a 1% payment (retroactive to July 1, 2015).  Second, as noted above, the full 5% increase for 2016 would not go into effect until December.  As a result, this increase would not be the same as a 5% increase for the entire year.

CODE's leadership is strongly recommending that the membership support this proposal.  This kind of COLA will begin to correct the lag that has developed between wages and the rise in the cost of living, especially considering the increases in pension contributions over the last few years and the increase in health care costs that CODE led the way on in 2015.

For any of you who are concerned about what other units are getting, it is our understanding that all organized units would receive the same percentage increases.  This favors CODE, so please be supportive.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email the CODE board.  We will do our best to keep the membership informed on this process as it develops.

Chadrian Johnson, CODE President



Contract survey: 
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udge signed version of the pension agreement : 
Click Here
          Collaborative settlement agreement: 

Click here 

Members will be receiving a COLA increase to match the AFSCME 0.5% increase effective 1/31/16? 

This should be present in the next pay cycle.


"CODE filed a ULP with SERB on Feburary 10, 2014 over the City refusing
to pay the 1.5 COLA"


Dear C.O.D.E. members and Management Staff,

The purpose of this communication is to inform everyone of the recent formation of the C.O.D.E. Labor-Management Committee (LMC). This committee will serve for the purpose and needs of the members of C.O.D.E. and the City of Cincinnati management team.
In general, a LMC is a voluntary process of labor and management working together with common goals of anticipating and resolving mutual concerns. Examples include enhancing our working relationships thus improving our employment culture and work environment. 
Universally, we all want to work in an environment we feel is safe, productive and that stimulates our skill-sets, knowledge and passions. To build this type of culture requires that each and every one of us commits to a mutual goal of treating co-workers respectfully, understanding each other’s roles and responsibilities and promoting open lines of communication. For any organization to improve its working culture they will need to capitalize on the experience and knowledge of all its employees working together toward common goals.
The C.O.D.E. LMC looks forward to addressing the concerns of the members in which it represents. If there is an issue that you would like the LMC to review or wish to review previous minutes please visit City Matters under Resources / Labor Relations, there you will find the C.O.D.E. LMC Agenda Request Form as well as the monthly minutes. CODE members can also access this information at www.codegroup.org.  Please submit your request to the appropriate Co-chair for review.
Thank you,
Chadrian Johnson & Steve Pacella
                                                 The C.O.D.E. – LMC Committee
                            C.O.D.E.                                                     Management
1.      Chadrian Johnson (Co-Chair)                   1. Steve Pacella (Co-Chair)
2.      Jeff Harmon                                              2. Tom Seward
3.      Steve Kallay                                              3. Beverly Engram
4.      Dave Browning                                         4. Jerry Wilkerson
5.      David Kuntz                                              5. Jarrod Bolden
6.      Don Stiens                                                 6. Mark Ginty
7.      Kathy Schulte                                            7. Kay Bolden

If members have an issue that they would like for us to discuss, complete and submit this form : 
Click here: 
LMC Form

We'd like to welcome David Browning to the Board and look forward to working with him.
We'd also like to thank Roger Schuster for his hard work as 2nd VP !!!

Those in favor of accepting the 1.5% retroactive to July 7               136
Those apposed                                                                                         4

Board elections:
Name                                                                    # of votes received
Jeff Harmon                                                                      122
Steve Kallay                                                                      114
David Browning                                                                 67
Camille King                                                                      49
Michael Poggemann                                                          39

Immediately after the membership meeting the new Board convened and elected the Board officers. The results are: 

President                            Steve Kallay
1VP                                     Jeff Harmon
2nd VP                                 Chadrian Johnson
Treasurer                            David Kuntz
Secretary                             David Browning
Trustee                                Kathy Schulte
Trustee                                Don Stiens

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